Siva Printers is a Printing Company which is located in Sivakasi, our branches are located in Singapore. We are supply all kinds of packaging materials with/without printing such as Carton boxes, Poly bags, Labels, Stickers, Dairy, Business & Wedding cards, Notebooks, Calendars etc. also we are doing design for printing using computer software

 Price List

Our products can be used in following industries.

  * Textile industries (packing box for all kinds of garments).
  * Sweet, snack, cake stalls (Carton box & poly bags).
  * Ice cream manufactures (ice cream boxes).
  * Oil ,food, soft drink manufactures (stickers used on containers).
  * All industries (poly bags can be used in all kind of industries as a packing material)

We are supplying our materials all over Tamil nadu particularly in Chennai, Trichy, Sivakasi, Madurai etc.,

Our Procedure

  1. Get physical sample from customer.
  2. Quote the customer based on the physical sample.
  3. If the customer agree on the quotation then we start the production & supply the materials on time.

We are of all garments wastes such as cotton waste, Fabrics, yarn wastes ,cut pieces, Garments.

Managing DirectorimageMr.T.LINGARAJAN

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